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the history of the box

Well what more can we say?  Well if you are wanting the very best in both convenience and quality; then look no further than the Saxon Farm Veg Box scheme.  After a successful 5-month trial, we delivered over 6,000 veg boxes and nearly 52,000 eggs to our customers.

Since trying this service out for ourselves we have come a long way.  Thanks to the help of Daventry district council we have now obtained a ‘5’ rating with the Food Standards Agency.  Ensuring you know that the upmost of care to deliver complete quality is second nature to ourselves and our staff from the outset.

Our veg boxes are delicious, with a combined minimum variety of eight variables per week, with substitutions available for customers who do not like what’s on our seasonal menu.

As an added incentive and based on the feedback of customers.  We are now offering three different veg box sizes.

Small: Suitable for single parents of students.

Medium: Suitable for a small family.

Large: Suitable for a larger family.

Large Veg Box

Weight varies each week based on the varieties used however as a rule of thumb a small provides a couple of meals to an individual which can be complimented by their choice of meat or fish and a large provides enough veg to feed approximately 16 people in a large family meal.

During the summer months, we also opt to include salad in our Boxes and more delicious options such as new potatoes sourced from Devon and various varieties of tomatoes, cucumber, mushroom & onion.

Customers can also add 6,12 & 30 eggs to their order each week, ensuring that they have a steady supply of our incredible eggs enjoyed by thousands all over Northamptonshire and Leicestershire. All of our eggs sold are entirely produced here on our farm and are un-graded, however we are registered with the poultry register, AHA and the up keep of our hens is inline with the Red Lion standard you will see in most retail environments, we also vaccinate all of our hens against salmonella.  All hens are free to range both indoors and outdoors in our custom build barns and runs. You may also see at times, up to 150 hens at a time having a full days exercise in 7 acres of pasture shared by our Jacob Sheep.


We have customised the scheme to make it much simpler for us to manage.  When ordering your veg box, we ask for our customers to place in the order notes and vegetables that they do not like, once we have you on file as a customer we will automatically ensure that you do NOT receive these for any further orders. 

Ordering a veg box is now deemed as a “one off” order, as we have made the decision to make purchasing simplistic, all that we ask is you order your veg box and any other extras each week before 11:30pm Friday ready for Saturday as this is our delivery day.

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