Dog Exercise Yard

A little service to help the community!


Our dog exercise yard is suitable for small dogs only.  We have imposed a 25kg weight limit on dogs due to insurance and also the fencing that we have on site.  The exercise yard is approximately 400ft x 70ft, giving a small dog plenty of room to exercise.  A fresh bowl of water is provided for every visitor to the exercise paddock and free dog poo bags are also available.  Parking is available outside the house and also on the field.  Dogs must be walked on a lead too the exercise paddock as there are free roaming sheep in the front part of the field. Once inside your dog walking paddock, please ensure the gate is shut and then you can let your dog off its lead. Failure to comply with these rules will result in a lifetime ban from the paddock.

Fencing is 4 foot high with standard stock netting and double barb wire running across the top.  Due to the risk of dog attacks on animals, dog temperment is key when using this paddock.  We reserve the right to refuse entry to any individuals for any reason we deem fit.

Bookings are for a total of 1 hour per slot.  You must ensure that you have vacated at the end of your hour ready for the next person to use the exercise yard as the yard is booked individually and there are no shared bookings. After you have made your booking, we will send you a card payment link via email or if you wish you can pay in cash on arrival.

Seating is going to be provided as well as some tractor tyres and rope pulls for playful fun with your dog. (we will update our news page as features are added.)

Please select your date and slot below and fill in the relevant details. Thank you!