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In 2017

We took on a small parcel of land and this is the first step on a long journey towards us becoming a producer ourselves. When we took over this paddock from the previous occupier, the land was over grown and hadnt seen a spade or shovel for some years.  So our fascination with Farming Began, with one of the owners having been brought up on a farm and spending his younger years working with his grandad at a farm in Broughton, Milton Keynes; he realised an idea to create a small holding with a difference in part homage to his late grand father.

In 2018

This year started off with one of the worst winters ever! We have in our view learn’t the hard way and been challenged at every level.  However we have battled through and grown our little farm to several hundred happy animals.  We now breed Sheeps, Pigs and Chickens as well as produce and sell eggs in our village.  Over the past year we have expanded and grown to become a fully registered food retailer with a core focus on providing customers with exceptional quality foods. Our further plans are to open a brand new outpost farm shop store later this year.

In 2019

Our core focus continues to remain with our customers as well as high quality produce and industry leading standards of animal welfare.  As our farm Business grows, so do the challenges; however we are delighted to advise that we are expanding once more.  Despite being at odds with several factors, we are pushing through to continue to grow our Business along with now expanding to Frolesworth and opening our second farm shop.  We have also developed our side Business further which is the production and sale of poultry and equipment, plus we are now the proud owners of a fabulous woodland which we have enrolled in a conservation scheme, meaning that as part of our charitable attitude we can turn out attention towards mother nature to help keep this fabulous patch of woodland protected and full of wildlife.

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